Athletic Pass
Please make the appropriate selection. Details are below. 

Student Athletic PassStudents who purchase a Student Athletic Pass will have an athletic icon added to the Student ID Card and will be required to show the ID card with the valid icon for admission to home contests.

Family Athletic PassFamilies who purchase a Family Athletic Pass gain admission to regular season home contests.  Eligible family members are limited to those who reside within the household (Seaholm students, siblings, parents etc).  The family pass costs $100.  Seaholm students will receive the athletic icon on their ID cards, and other family members will receive a separate famiy pass card.  If you have more than one child at Seaholm, please select this option for the first registration only.

Family Pass Purchased on Sibling RegFamilies with more than one child at Seaholm who want to purchase a family pass should only pay for the family pass with the first registration.  For all additional sibling registrations, please select this option.  This will ensure that the appropriate icon is added to this student's ID card.


Enter the names for the passes below.  If you need more than four cards, please email Aaron Frank.

Procedure for Athletic Pass Game Admission
:  Each eligible family member you list below will receive their own card.  Seaholm students will have an Athletic Pass designation added to their Student ID Cards at registration.  All other family members will receive the Family Pass Card.  A card must be presented for free admission.  There is a $10 replacement fee for lost cards.  Anyone who does not present a valid Student ID with the Athletic Pass designation or a Family Pass Card for admission will be charged the regular ticket price for that game.